Monday, June 25, 2012

Eggo Wafflers

Kellogg's Eggo Wafflers

NEW! Packed with flavor No syrup needed!. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Roll Flavor Baked Inside!

Carmen's Review
I tried the Eggo Wafflers today. This waffle is very good for breakfast for kids on the go, or people on the go. Pop it in the toaster and run out with one in your hand. The flavor was tasty. I don’t think you need any syrup and would be no mess in cars. It says to have the setting at a light toast; I would have to toast it longer, just because I like my stuff a little brown and really hear the crunch. On sale for $2 a box, a reasonable price too.I would recommend this item for work parents and kids.
Pamela's Review
My first knowledge of the new Eggo Wafflers was after seeing an advertisement in a national magazine. The description claims that the waffles are “Packed with flavor No syrup needed!”  This idea sounds great for morning on the go people who need a quick bite before heading out the door, or those who like to have a light snack at their desk in the morning at work. The product was initially not easy to find at the chain grocer outlets but after persistent searching, they were found in the frozen section at the local grocery outlet. At this time, the Wafflers come in two varieties, Brown Sugar Cinnamon Roll and Strawberry Strudel. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Roll was the selected choice for this sampling review. The waffler is similar in size to a traditional waffle except it has a split down the center which makes for easy sharing if necessary.  The directions indicate to toast on the lightest setting however, after doing so, the waffle was not really as crisp as preferred. The toaster oven appeared to be a better alternative to the traditional toaster as it browned a bit better. The smell of the waffle was pleasant as it gave off a fresh toasted cinnamon scent. Upon the first bite, I still felt it could have been a bit more toasted as it was not as crisp as I like for a waffle. With it being advertised as flavor packed, I anticipated a much sweeter flavor then what it has. It actually tastes pretty artificial in flavor which was a bit disappointing. I was hoping for a more moist cake but the texture was flat and dry and left me feeling as if I needed moisture on my tongue. With that being said, in my opinion, the Wafflers need some syrup. I think however for children with not as sophisticated palates they may find this a nice treat in the car on their morning drive to school. I don’t think however that this Eggo product really lives up to its claim. I don’t think it was that much different than the traditional flavored Eggo products already on store shelves.
Lyndsay's Review
I was skeptical about the new product from Eggo – the waffler, especially with the marketing strategy that you don’t need to use syrup on these breakfast treats. The taste was surprisingly good without syrup, but I did find the wafflers themselves to be on the soggy side. I like my waffles crispy when they come out of the toaster and these did not crisp up. I would equate them more to the likes of French toast than waffles. They are a good breakfast snack for on the go, but they don’t compete with waffles and syrup.

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